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Coaching for growth and success

Be the best version of yourself

Coaching is a term that has become synonymous with success and often power. And everyone is a Coach these days! Dictionary definitions of coaching refer to helping prepare for sporting, education, or work-related activity. This is often defined by an autocratic style of coaching. Within my practice, however, coaching is determined by us working together for your growth in that we focus on the larger picture in the your life, looking at all areas of self-improvement, rather than one. For example, If someone wants to focus on having a healthier mindset, I would also consider, for example, their physical health. If someone wants to change their physical health, I would then look into their stress levels or mental health. This would encompass money concerns, relationships, work, and more. Success is also a key part of coaching for many people, and I work with clients to prepare for success in the same way - this often involves working not just on your confidence, but more importantly addressing the reasons why you lack confidence, so they don't come back and derail your progress,

For the past 20 years, I have used coaching techniques as a trainer and manager, and a lot of this is useful when I work with clients who have low self-esteem or who want to achieve more in the professional and personal lives. I have also run a number of successful small businesses so have experience and foresight in this area.

I am qualified in coaching, however my personal experience in both work, business, and my personal life gives a me an additional level of competence attained by recognising my own challenges, and how I have overcome these to achieve incredible personal goals.

I offer personal coaching sessions as required; however I have found that by:

  • identifying your own goals and barriers;

  • working on these barriers (including confidence, stress and anxiety, motivation, trauma) using a personalised plan including different modalities as appropriate;

  • and utilising coaching techniques as a fundamental part of this process;

my clients can truly achieve more, and in an enduring way!

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