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About me

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My name is Jean-Paul Dunin, although I'm usually known as JP.

I started practicing as a self-employed coach and therapist in 2017, however this had been part of my professional roles for 20 years before I made the decision to practice independently. I have always found it very fulfilling to enable others to have their best lives, and establishing Symbiosis has been a natural progression. I chose this name as symbiosis is in its essence about life and growth. Symbiosis is also about teamwork and cooperation - working together mutually - and this is how my approach works. 


I have enjoyed a diverse and successful career encompassing entrepreneurship including Event Management and Street Food, Programme and Project Management, Leadership Coaching, and Health Coaching. My experience has given me the knowledge and competence to develop a person-centred framework for growth and development. Within this I utilise the approaches of Mental Fitness (PQ), Nutrition and Health Coaching, BWRT, and mindfulness. 

My B³ coaching blueprint draws on my personal and professional experience and training to provide a unique, highly individualised coaching programme. This is an ideal programme for busy entrepreneurs/solopreneurs and Project Management professionals although absolutely anyone can benefit from this.


As well as things that have impacted on us personally, we’ve all been affected by global and local events - and many of us have been struggling with issues for months or even years. Anxiety and stress seem normal and even expected. Imagine being able to eradicate anxiety, or phobias, and many other problems, often in very few sessions. That’s where BWRT comes in! This has helped me personally in recent years, and I am an ardent advocate of its effectiveness as well as being a practitioner. Most of my support is provided online however I may be able to provide face-to-face sessions where this is suitable.

Personally, I have my own experiences of childhood trauma, mental health issues, and addiction. Rather than these being debilitating, the modalities I work with have helped me recognise that my experiences have been building blocks for the unique person I am today.​

I am a Certified Nutrition Coach (; a PQ Mental Fitness Coach (; and Level 1 and Level 2 accredited BWRT Practitioner ( I am a Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) accredited trainer for Health Improvement, and an NHS trained healthy living and diabetes prevention practitioner. I am a qualified and accredited Meditation Teacher and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. I am also a Level 5 TEFL qualified English teacher specialising in Business English.

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