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PQ - Coaching for Mental Fitness

Mental fitness refers to the strength of our positive mental muscles (think of these as our Sage) versus the negative ones (our Saboteurs).

Think of your Sage as the part of your psyche that is positive, compassionate, and focused on achieving goals. On the other hand, your Saboteurs are the parts of your psyche that are negative, self-critical, and self-sabotaging.

Mental fitness is the ability to strengthen our Sage muscles and weaken our Saboteur muscles. It involves cultivating positive mental habits such as empathy, curiosity, creativity, and compassion while reducing negative habits such as judgment, fear, and resistance.

Mental fitness can be improved through regular practice of specific mental exercises, similar to physical exercise. These exercises are designed to train the brain to recognize and resist the negative influence of Saboteurs and to cultivate the strength and resilience of the Sage.

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Saboteurs are negative thought patterns that undermine our happiness and success, while Sage powers are positive mental muscles that help us thrive.

Here are the 10 saboteurs:

  1. The Judge: This saboteur constantly criticizes and judges ourselves and others, leading to feelings of guilt, resentment, and anger.

  2. The Controller: This saboteur tries to control everything and everyone, causing anxiety and frustration.

  3. The Avoider: This saboteur avoids difficult or unpleasant situations, leading to procrastination and missed opportunities.

  4. The Hyper-Achiever: This saboteur constantly pushes to achieve more, leading to burnout and a lack of fulfillment.

  5. The Victim: This saboteur feels like a victim and blames others for their problems, leading to a lack of accountability and empowerment.

  6. The Hyper-Rational: This saboteur overanalyzes and second-guesses everything, leading to indecision and doubt.

  7. The Pleaser: This saboteur tries to please everyone at the expense of their own needs, leading to resentment and burnout.

  8. The Restless: This saboteur is constantly seeking new stimulation, leading to a lack of focus and satisfaction.

  9. The Stickler: This saboteur is obsessed with perfection, leading to self-criticism and a fear of failure.

  10. The Hyper-Vigilant: This saboteur is always on the lookout for danger or threats, leading to anxiety and stress.

And here are the 5 Sage powers:

  1. Empathy: The ability to understand and connect with others' feelings and perspectives.

  2. Explore: The ability to remain curious and open-minded, even in challenging situations.

  3. Innovate: The ability to think creatively and find new solutions to problems.

  4. Navigate: The ability to stay focused on goals and make decisions with clarity and purpose.

  5. Activate: The ability to take action and follow through on commitments.

By recognizing our Saboteurs and strengthening our Sage powers, we can improve our positive intelligence and lead a more fulfilling life.

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