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I used to work with J-P when he was a Project Manager working in the same area as me. We worked hard but this took its toll. J-P contacted me recently as he had developed a coaching programme for PMs and he thought I would benefit from this. I love my work, but it can be very stressful, and I developed some very bad habits. For example, I spent most of my time at a desk and my daily activity tended to be rushing out to grab a coffee and pastry in lieu of lunch. As a perfectionist, I also know that I lean towards imposter syndrome.

I normally avoid coaching offers as I have been burned in the past but I know J-P well enough to feel confident that he is not a bullshit merchant. So we had a chat and J-P explained the concept of mental fitness and how my internal saboteurs love to be in control. He told me this can be challenged by building resilience and seeing problems as opportunities.

Within my programme, J-P gave me some very simple tools and resources including mental reps, nutrition advice, and a plan for being more active during my work day and at home. He also gave me incredible support and motivation in weekly one to one coaching sessions.

It’s only been a few weeks but I am judging myself and others far less and I am more energised. This has given me the self-belief to redo my CV and start applying for more senior positions rather than letting my saboteurs hold me back - I genuinely feel that I deserve more. And, I sleep better and I have even dropped a few pounds which I never expected. I feel great!

DISCLOSURE: It is important to disclose that J-P did not charge me for any of this however my feedback is fair and unbiased.

Michelle K

JP is a wonderful coach and therapist and I can’t recommend him highly enough – here’s why.  Over the past year I have developed a very bad habit: binge drinking.  I went from liking a drink to being unwilling and unable to stop drinking once I had had a couple of glasses of wine.  I knew this was doing me no good whatsoever and I wanted to stop bingeing but be able to go back to enjoying just a glass or two from time to time.  A friend suggested I try BWRT and I decided to give it a go.  I liked the idea because BWRT is not counselling, it’s something very different - a blend of coaching and therapy.  I was put in touch with JP by a mutual acquaintance and liked him immediately.  Over 5 sessions he asked me lots of questions and helped me find my ideal self – in this case, a social drinker who knows when she’s had enough.  He very skilfully took me through a process that helped me discard the old binge drinker and replace her with a wise social drinker.  He also helped me protect myself against relapses by helping me create some trigger guards that I can use in situations where I might find myself wanting to binge.  There was some homework, but I actually enjoyed doing it and it felt like it was really helping me.  As a practitioner JP is very skilled, kind and empathetic. I felt I could tell him anything and he wouldn’t judge me.  He rocks and so does BWRT.     


I’d been a smoker for approx. 30 years. My habit was moderate and was smoking 10-15 cigarettes a day. I have started to appreciate my health and how my smoking habit was impacting on me and the lives of my loved ones, so I made the decision to stop. I knew very little, if anything, about BWRT, but talking with JP has encouraged me to give it a try and see what happens. Wow, it worked – I had 2 sessions, neither were particularly long and he asked me to think about the benefits of stopping – how it looked in comparison to continuing, well the pros certainly outweighed the cons – there was no comparison. After the second session, I stopped – over night. I think the methods JP used had sunk into my psyche and I was able to turn the craving off. Weeks later, and I’m still not smoking- the cravings have gone, my taste buds are back and I feel great – I know I’m not going to smoke again – I’m done!! I had tried before, with the NHS methods and although these work for some, my mind was always wanting to keep smoking, The BWRT method he used has gone deep into my psyche and encouraged a natural block. I totally recommend this method, as a former smoker for this length of time, it’s been a triumph!! Thank you, JP – it’s amazing – I’m free!!”

Maria Gowran

I am so grateful to have found JP. Over the years I have had many different types of therapy. None had a long lasting effect and some left me feeling worse than I did before. Relentless repeating of traumatic stories to the endless different professionals left me quite adverse to trying anything new. So, as you can imagine, like many people, I was very sceptical to begin with.
JP has a magical manner, one which puts you in charge of you, an empathy for your soul. Nothing you say is irrelevant, he cares beyond anyone in this line of work I have ever seen or heard of. 
With JP's help, I managed to make a 4 hour journey to Dorset for the first time in years! Even though this was a success, JP could sense there was still things holding me back, we  started working with other memories. I'm stumped as to know what to say next really...I had some very difficult, anxiety inducing, saddening memories, with JP's time and patience  (and he needed that in abundance with me) I now have created new memories and all related feelings have completely changed.
The only downside to therapy with JP is that at some point it had to come to an end...saying that, I will always return to him if needed and recommend him to anyone who has had life struggles.
Thank you JP from the bottom of my heart, you really help people to make a difference and live a happy life.

Abbie Blackmore

I contacted Jean-Paul as I had been seriously affected by childhood events and I had been struggling with self esteem and relationships for over 20 years. Jean-Paul took the time to listen to everything I wanted to say, and he very clearly explained how he could help. He told me about BWRT and I was very sceptical at first. Against my expectations, this approach worked wonderfully and ridiculously quickly. In only a few sessions, my life was changed and the beliefs that held me back for so long have disappeared. Jean-Paul has a wonderful style; he has empathy and compassion, and he is so focused on helping people in a personal and professional way. Thank you so much J-P, you have done so much for me, and I cannot recommend you enough.

Cal Hussain

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