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Fab In 45

The 6-week Fab In 45 Challenge is based on one goal: "Getting you to eat real food and move more!"

The beauty of this challenge is in its simplicity: no calorie counting, no cycling of macronutrients, no expensive gym memberships. Eat real food and move more, that's the name of the game. 

The challenge focusses on important issues such as self-motivation, ‘finding your why’, and circles of control (the things in your life that you have the power to change or influence), to name just a few.

Each week, I challenge participants with a movement challenge and a community challenge. The programme is designed to get great results either on your own, or with buddies!

Fab In 45 infographic.jpg

Programme Details

Jumpstart January is our incredible value 6-week, 45 day coaching program designed to help you reboot your health and wellness routine. Get ready to take on our daily challenges and improve your food choices while being more active. Solo or in groups, each week we’ll host group coaching sessions to keep you motivated and on track.


FEBRUARY SPECIAL OFFER For only £89 (standard price £319) you can join the full programme or if a group of 3 join you pay only £177, or just £59 each! Commit to feeling better today!

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