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Learning to meditate

Reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness

Meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness, reached when the mind is silent, yet alert. It is not an act of doing, but is a state of being. Being in the present with profound peace, free from the incessant activity of the mind.
You can be in meditation at any moment, whether you are seated in a lotus position or going about your daily activities. A clear mind allows you to achieve a higher awareness, to witness the present moment and achieve your true potential.
I have meditated daily for over 20 years and for the past 7 years I have practised Transcendental Meditation twice daily.
Meditation has both changed and enhanced my life. I have shared my experiences for many years and I have now trained to be a certified meditation teacher.
I offer online group courses for no more than 6 participants and a programme of ten 60-90 minute lessons will cost only £75 per participant.
I also offer one-to-one online tuition and a programme of ten 60-90 minute lessons will cost only £200 - that's no more than £20 per hour for personalised learning.
All of my courses are well structured and include theory teaching and discussion; breathing and stretching exercises; guided meditation; visualisation; focused meditation; wind down.
Please note that while I practice Transcendental Meditation, I do not teach this. Many meditation teachers will offer to teach TM without undergoing the required training, and there would be nothing to prevent me doing so. However, I will not teach what I have not been specifically trained to teach, and TM teaching requires specialist training. If you would like to learn TM exclusively, please visit where you can find a teacher in most parts of the UK. 
Please contact me directly to discuss or arrange one-to-one learning, or to find out the availability of group courses.

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